Services for Other Types of Equipment

Training and Consulting

  • Use and theory of microscopes
  • Care of microscopes
  • Digital micrography consulting

Electrical Safety Testing

  • Supply Voltage
  • Supply Current (under load)
  • Chassis—ground impedance
  • L2—chassis (power on/off and gnd/ungnd)
  • Visual safety inspection

Power Quality Monitoring

  • Voltage Stability
  • Current Stability


  • Centrifugal RPM
  • Temperature
  • Measuring Microscopes
  • Microtome Movements

Air Flow Testing

  • Fume hoods
  • Laminar Air flow hoods
  • Ventilators

Equipment Relocation Services

  • Disconnection of equipment from electrical and plumbing supplies
  • Equipment transport
  • Equipment re-installation and connection to electrical and plumbing supply
  • Equipment diagnostics and verification after relocation